Azienda agrituristica vitivinicola a conduzione biologica. Marco Emilio Santoro: Vitivinicoltore di quinta generazione.

V  A L L E    d’ I T R I A

I.G.T. – Indicazione Geografica Tipica


Cultivation area                         Valle d’Itria 40°41’29“ north/17°25’18“east, 304 m.a.s.l.

between the Jonian and Adriatic coasts, province of Brindisi


Type of production                   strictly biological as EU-Code Nr.  IT BIO 006 PR0851


Age of vines                                7 years


System of cultivation                espalier – Guyot


Number of vines/ha                  3000


Grapes                                          100 %  Cucciguaniello named also Susumaniello.

This historical autochton vine  wich almost disapeared at

the end of 1800 due to Filossera produce grapes  with extraordinary

richness in poliphenole, but special attention is needed regarding

choice of soil, guidance during the phenological phases and in

wine making.


Harvest                                        middle / end of October, by hand, early in the morning


Average  yield                             7000 bottles/ha


Climate                                       mediterranean, but  the grapes ripe slowly because of great

differences between day and night due to the  Valle d’Itria stream

and forther, from september  onwards the temperature  varies from

25-28°C. during the day and 5-8°C. in the night; wich enhances

notably  aroma and quality of the wines.

Wine cellars                              on the premises


Vinification                               classical method for red grapes


Organoleptic                             intense ruby colour with violet highlights, strongly structured,

characteristics                         the richness of aromas, scents and flavours best discovered

after decantetion. .


Goes well with                        roasts, grilled and braised meats, game, hard cheese  or

.                                                 on ist own for a special treat.


Serving temperature             18-20°C.


Best at                                      1 – 6 years


Alcohol                                     13% Vol.


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